• FAQ-C800/K/T/V series operating manual

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    Q1: I prefer to read the manual in German, Can I have the manual in German?

    A1: Yes, sure you can.

    For now, we have manuals for each model in seven languages, except the manual in English we also have manuals in German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Franch, and Chinese.

    1, You can choose the languages first you like by setting.
    1) Menu page>>Setting>>language 
    2) Manu page>>Manual

    2, Click here https://toumeipro.com/pages/manual-center, you can check the manual online.

    3, If you still can not find the manual you like, please contact our after-sales team, They would like to send you the manual you like.

    • WhatsApp:0086 137 1470 3093
    • Email:support@toumeipro.com



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  • FAQ-C800-Happy Cast

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    Q1: I deleted the app Happy cast (乐播) already, I download a new one , but it can not work. How to fix it?

    A1: Please restore the factory default settings.

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  • FAQ-C800-AZERTY Keyboard/QWERTY keyboard

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    Q1: When the AZERTY keyboard connects with the projector C800, it can not work, why and how to fix it?

    A1: Sorry for any inconvenience. C800 supports the QWERTY keyboard only.


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  • FAQ-C800-System upgrade

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    Q1: How do I upgrade the system of C800 to Android 7.1?

    A1: For sure the system Android 4.4 is more stable than Android 7.1 for now. It is a cross-version upgrade if you upgrade the system of C800 from Android 4.4 to Android 7.1.

    If you still like to do the system upgrade of C800, please contact our after-sales team by WhatsApp 0086 137 1470 3093 or email to support@toumeipro.com, our staff will send you the detailed instruction about how to do the system upgrade. 

    You should prepare a USB cable with two male heads before doing the system upgrade.  Please follow the instructions step by step. if any question please contact us.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

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  • FAQ-T5-SD Card

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    Q1: I downloaded some movies to the SD card. but why I can not find the file after the SD card plugin the projector T5?

    A1: T5 maximum support SD card is 32G, please open the file by the app MX play.

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