• Toumei X5 projector ---New Arrival

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    1. Crystal-Clear Resolution: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with a native
    2. resolution of 1920*1080P. The X5 delivers unparalleled clarity, bringing every detail to life for a truly cinematic experience.
    3. Brilliant Brightness: Boasting an impressive 1600 ANSI lumens, the X5 ensures vibrant and vivid projections. From movie nights to business presentations, the X5's brightness takes your viewing to the next level.

    4. Immersive 3D Capability: Break free from the constraints of flat screens. The X5 supports 3D functionality, offering an immersive and captivating visual journey. Step into a world where every frame comes alive.

    5. Intelligent Focus and Keystone Correction: Bid farewell to manual adjustments. With automatic focus and keystone correction, the X5 ensures each projection is crisp, centered, and hassle-free. Let technology streamline your projection experience.

          More than a Projector, It's a Visual Masterpiece.The Toumei X5 redefines the standards of projection with outstanding image quality and intelligent features. Whether it's for home entertainment, office presentations, or gaming marathons, the X5 is your reliable companion. Amplify your world starting with the X5 — explore a new era of visual excellence!



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  • Toumei S8 new porjector

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    tIt is portable and lightweight .

    IIt is lightweight .

    It looks high end but with an affortable price .

    It is fashionable.

    It is private mould .

    It is 1920*1080p projector ,bulit in 15000mAh battery .

    Which one appeals to you .


    Toumei 3D home theater projector .

    Toumei official website:http://toumeipro.com





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  • Toumei C2000 DLP 3D smart projector

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    The advantages of Toumei C2000 projector
    1.With sensitive touch screen just as your touch panel of laptop.
    2.supports Type-c interface , you can use the adapter of your mobile phone to charge it any time.
    3.supports TOF laser auto focus.Auto-detection throw distance, Auto-focus on startup
    4.Built in Tesla 8000mHA large capacity,you can enjoy outdoor party.
    5.Supports Android and IOS same screen,not only wireless same screen ,but also wired same screen(plug in mobile phone data cable).
    6.Metal body,fine workmanship ,it looks high end and fashion.
    7.Support 8000+app ,Youtube ,Netflix,Grome ,Prime video,Hulu,Disney ,massive rich contents you can download from our app store.
    8.Real 3D .Support active shutter 3D,shocking home theater
    9.True Wireless projection ,very convinient for mobile conference presentations.


    Toumei website:http://toumeipro.com

    Contact person:Merry +86 13510603579(whatsapp)


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  • 2023 Toumei new projector X5 3D Dlp 1920*1080P projector

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    The advantages of Toumei X5 projector

    1.When you open the projector ,you will find that high brightness ,it is 2200ANSI for international standard ,it is much brighter than other projectors you have seen before .

    2.With fine workmanship ,metal body,it is high end and classy.

    3.WIth 1920*1080P high resolution,it is compatible with more 1080P and 4K movie playback 

    4.Built in Andorid 11 OS,it has .Abundant resources on the network ,Netflix,Youtube ,Prime video,Dinsney+,whatever  you want,You can download what you want from APP store or Google store .

    5.With 0.47DMD,it adopts high end optical engine and technology.It is 1920*1080P Dlp projector ,one of rare and  precious high end projector in the market.


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  • Toumei projector frequently restarts automatically, How to fix it?

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    1. Discontact of cable

    The first reason may be that the main board of the projector and the cable are damaged, resulting in poor contact. Please verify step by step where the poor contact occurs and take countermeasures. If you do not have spare parts to replace or it is too difficult to take the maintenance, please send it to Toumei for after-sales maintenance by email:support@toumeipro.com

    2. Setting Protection
    The second reason may be due to the projector's own protection settings. In order to protect the projector from being burnt due to excessive use temperature, the manufacturer will set the body temperature protection system before leaving the factory. When the temperature reaches a predetermined value, the projector will automatically power off to protect it from burning out.

    It is recommended to disassemble the fuselage, check whether the fan is working properly, regularly clean the fan and the ash layer of the fuselage, and pay attention to the working environment of the projector, and try to avoid using it in a high temperature environment.

    3. Syetem Mistake
    The third reason may be that the projector's system program is messed up, which can also lead to infinite restarts or shutdowns. Press the reset button of the projector for five seconds according to the instructions to reset the projector to the factory state, and it will solve the problem.

    The above are the reasons and maintenance methods for Toumei projectors to repeatedly shut down. If you are uncertain what's wrong, send it to the Toumei after-sales service for repair.

    Toumei after-sales service email:support@toumeipro.com

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