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1. Discontact of cable

The first reason may be that the main board of the projector and the cable are damaged, resulting in poor contact. Please verify step by step where the poor contact occurs and take countermeasures. If you do not have spare parts to replace or it is too difficult to take the maintenance, please send it to Toumei for after-sales maintenance by email:support@toumeipro.com

2. Setting Protection
The second reason may be due to the projector's own protection settings. In order to protect the projector from being burnt due to excessive use temperature, the manufacturer will set the body temperature protection system before leaving the factory. When the temperature reaches a predetermined value, the projector will automatically power off to protect it from burning out.

It is recommended to disassemble the fuselage, check whether the fan is working properly, regularly clean the fan and the ash layer of the fuselage, and pay attention to the working environment of the projector, and try to avoid using it in a high temperature environment.

3. Syetem Mistake
The third reason may be that the projector's system program is messed up, which can also lead to infinite restarts or shutdowns. Press the reset button of the projector for five seconds according to the instructions to reset the projector to the factory state, and it will solve the problem.

The above are the reasons and maintenance methods for Toumei projectors to repeatedly shut down. If you are uncertain what's wrong, send it to the Toumei after-sales service for repair.

Toumei after-sales service email:support@toumeipro.com


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