K5 PRO 1080P DLP 3D projector

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3D glass
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 Unique Advantages of toumei K5 pro

1) Built-in 15600mAh lithium battery, battery life is     2~4hours.
2) Real 3D-Shocking Feeling for Blue Ray 3D
3) Built-in Smart Latest Android 9.0 OS
4) WiFi Display Movie Game for Smartphone/Tablet/PC
5)The physical resolution is 1920*1080,Max support 4K Movie
6) Supports multiple languages: English, Russian, Egypt(Arabic), Korean, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnam,Poland, Traditional Chinese etc.

Toumei K9 Pro

1) Built-in 15600mAh lithium battery,suitable for camping,traveling and outdoor watching movies.

2) Shocking 3D Home Theater,Support active shutter DLP-LINK 3D.Provide you with a clearer and sharper visual feast.

3)Built-in Android 9.0 operating system,you can install a variety of games and applications .  CPU: MTK Decode 4K H.265/4K*2K/30HZ, RAM 2G, ROM 32G

4) WiFi Display Movie Game for Smartphone/Tablet/PC,support Mircast ,Airplay and other wireless projection technology.

5)The physical resolution is 1920*1080,Max support 4K Movie

6)Top Level Built-in Speaker,Can be used as a speaker.


Other specifications

American TI 0.3 DLP Off-aixs light machine,which is more excellent in color,image quality,and brightness

Wide color gamut Super color technology, better color than similar products.

Side projection,keystone projection technology.

Toumei K5 PRO is equipped with an intelligent auxillary correction system,no matter if you are using front projection,side projection,you can adjust the picture to a square or rectangular picture.

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Take V5 as the example
How to setup?
Turn on the projector

How to choose the language?

How to adjust the screen?


How to connect with WiFi?

How to airplay your phone?


How to connect your bluetooth speaker?
Turn on the speaker, Turn on the bluetooth of projector, connect them together


How to connect your computer?
Connect by HDMI cable.

How to connect your gamepad?
Connect by HDMI cable.

How to connect the mouse?
Plug mouse in USB port


How to watch 3D movie?
Take a shutter 3D glasses


What is the best throw distance

It can support what kind of video format ?
MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG-4Real-time video decoder, H263,H264,H265,1080P, Sorenson Spark,WAV

It can support what kind of audio format?

It can support what kind of image format?
Jpg, Png Bmp etc.

How to control your projector?
By mouse, by Remote controller

How to download Apps?
By google play store or Aptoide

How to fix the problem of  system?
Please send email to support@toumeipro.com


Need more help
Call us: +86 138 2457 8022
Live chat: WhatApp +86 137 1470 3093
Send email: support@toumeipro.com