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Q1: Why no image output when the projector connecting to the computer via HDMI cable?
A1: If no HDMI icon appeares on the screen of the projector, Please plug HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the projector and the HDMI port of your computer, waiting for around 10 seconds, it can turn to the HDMI image automatically. If it showed still no signal on the screen of the projector, we need to adjust the resolution of input to 1280*720. the compatible HDMI protocol of C800 is the HDMI 1.4 version. If the version is higher than this one or input is the blue-ray source it may cause that no image when the projector connecting to the computer via HDMI cable.
Q2: Why no sound output from blue tooth speaker and can not keystone when plugin HDMI cable to the projector?
A2: This projector runs with two systems, the Android system, and the Linux system. When plugin HDMI cable, it runs the Linux system and Android system close up at the same time. but the sound output via blue tooth speaker through the Android system, if the Android system close then the HDMI signal can not transmit to the blue tooth speaker, that is why no sound output. The sound only can output via an audio cable plugin headphone jack of the projector when it runs the Linux system.
The build-in chip of C800 can not decode Dolby sound source, So if there is image output but no sound output, you may need to check the input source may with Dolby effect.
Q3: Why can not back to the Menu page of the projector by press the return button of a remote control when the HDMI cable plugin the projector? I have to tear off the cable then back to the Menu page.
A3: Sorry for any inconvenience, The HDMI module of C800 can not support this function.


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    I need to be able to adjust the screen size when my computer is connected over HDMI. Otherwise the screen is too big. The remote control however doesn’t work over HDMI and I can get into the settings. Any help how to do it, would be appreciated. Do I need to update some software? Thank you.

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